Sunday, February 25, 2018

SW Forces Of Destuny Leia by Charretier, Colinet,Stern & Long

This is one of my favorites of he FOD comics. It stars Leia, Han and Hera! That's right we learn that Hera was on Hoth at the time of the formation of the Hoth base.

This story focuses on the challenges the Rebels have getting the energy shield up at hoth and also dealing with electronc mishaps.

I really loved the humor and character development of Leia in this issue. Leia finds herself struggling to control a tauntaun and dealing with rising doubts she is feeling while still maintaining a calm exterior to the the rebel forces. 

Charretier & Stern do a teriffic job on the art duties for this issue. The colors are bright and beautiful and i love how they draw all the characters in the issue. I also loved that they sprinkled the base inhabitants with several diverese characters. Hera is a nice little treat in this issue and it gives me a warm feeling thinking that two of my favorites had some nice moments together.

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