Sunday, May 13, 2018

Countdown To Solo : Funko Spotlight

Funko has been one of my go to lines for Star Wars collecting. I love Funko's price point, their commitment to making female characters and their gorgeous design.  All Pop's are bobbleheads in the Star Wars line so it's important to take a close look at the figures you pick to make sure the heads are in good shape.

I looove the Solo line! I brought seven of them right away and I have my eyes on the rest of the line. Here are the ones I got:

Val is super important to me. She is the first woman of color in Star Wars that isn't CGI  or limited to just a few lines of dialogue. Even if she doesn't have a huge role in the film she is an important step in representation.  So far Funko is the only company to make a figure of her and I'm so grateful.

Pop's like  Enfy's Nest show how amazing the design team of Funko are. The paint job and fine details on this figure are spectacular.

I have other Han and Chewie Pop's so I decided to get the  Boxed Lunch exclusive goggle Pop's.

New Alien? Yes I'll take it!  Love Rio!

How can you resist the sexy Hot Topic Lando and the female droid L3-37 .  Love Them!

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