Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Review: Justice League No Justice by Snyder, Williamson, Tynion, & Manapul

Three issues into Metal I started thinking how is this story going to be wrapped up in one mini -series ? It wasn't. No Justice is the aftermath of sorts to Metal and the start to the kind of epic character pieces that DC comics does best in the hands of talented creators.

The art on this book is cinematic in scope. The story opens with a group of Lanterns staring at a crack in the dimensional wall at the edge of the universe.

Francis Manapul and Hi-Fi give us gorgeous renderings of the galaxy and a variety of lanterns. Long time DC fans will get a thrill at the  lineup of lanterns in the panels. Seeing Hal, John, Kyle, and Guy together brought an immediate smile to my face along with Killowog and other alien favorites.

Next we see the Justice League getting soundly beaten by Brainac. However Brainac didn't come to slay but educate. The events of Metal have woken some primal energy gods and if the heroes don't follow Brainy's plans all is lost.

The plan? Unexpected team ups to match the Omega Titans Entopy, Wisdom, Wonder and Mystery.

And the teams! unexpected Villains and heroes fill the pages: Sinestro, Lex Luthor, Starro, Lobo(The %^&* one not the supermodel), Deathstroke, Harley and can we all take a moment to appreciate the return of an intelligent , suitably garbed starfire?!!! I swear I teared up the moment she yelled X'Hal!

Snyder knows how to mine classic DC characters and morph them into new exciting ways. The script is very tight, a solid collaboration wit Tynon IV and Williamson. I really loved this issue and I'm so excited for issue 2.

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