Sunday, July 1, 2018

Fangirl Summer 2018: Summer Fun Goals

Ah Summer! As an adult it can sometimes impossible to capture all of summers bounty without planning. One of the first books I read and June was this one:

Ah I loved this book! It's a beautiful story that captures that snapshot of the moment between childhood and teenage years.  The main character Bina also really inspired me with her "Combined Summer Fun Index", a list of activities she keeps with her best friend.

So I'll be keeping a list of all my goals and accomplishments with a similiar point system this summer  Here are some of my goals:

Read a popular Gn Series Beloved by fans:

I have heard so much positive feedback about Usagi and Bone so I'm going to go through as many volumes as I can this summer.

Binge Watch a Popular Netflix Series:

I'm going to start this very popular Netflix series:

Finish off a current series I'm watching:

Kaiju Summer

I feel the need for some good old fashioned creature features. I've had a bunch of movies on my DVR for awhile so I'm going to go through those and some other monster classics.

I also want to take some day trips, finish off my summer reading life, and other fun activities. I'm going to have a well planned out summer fun! What about you guys? What are your summer plans?

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