Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Review: Rainbow Brite Issue 1 by Whitley,Williams, Pinto & Esposito

Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Pencils/Inks: Brittney Williams
Colors Valentina Pinto
Letters: Taylor Esposito

Photos Courtesy of Dynamite Comics

I wasn't a part of the Rainbow Brite phenomenon. In 1984 I was in High School and my love of animation was shifting to Anime. It was impossible however  to miss this gorgeous little doll and the merchandise that flooded the market in the 80's.

Now Dynamite is bringing RB to a whole new generation of fans, and stirring some nostalgia in older fans.

Every new series has an origin arc and this one is no exception. What Whitley excels at with this script is showing us the creative lives of two close friends.

Wisp and Willow are creative young girls who love to play in fantasy worlds. Willow is drawn to the world of magic and Wisp dreams of real armor to match her fierce fighting skills.

Watching these pair together creates an emotional attachment that keeps you turning the pages. 

The first issues ends with Wisp answering the call to adventure in the form of  fighting off some creatures interested in her Mom's car, an act that brings her to the attention of a special little creature and her destiny.

This was a really nice set up issue, The art is fantastic and Whitley again showcases his talent for writing authentic young women. It will be fun to see how this series develops.