Saturday, August 31, 2019

Review: Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019

Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019

Creators: Cavan Scott, Mauricet, Charlie Kirchoff, Tom B. Long, Pierrick Colinet, Elsa Charretier, Margaux Saltel

                                 Comedy and Heart are at the core of this years annual. 

First up we get Jaxxon and Lando teaming up in a post ROTJ adventure to rescue a Chancellor from a situation with some Imperial remnants.  I adored  Jaxxon in this story and he is a perfect fit for the type of stories SW Adventures loves to tell. 

The second story So Much More, is a beautiful celebration of the two women who are the foundation of Princess Leia's existence and strength. In this story a very young Leia has escaped her nanny droid and finds her mother sitting in a garden by a large statue. The image on the gray stone is of Queen Amidala . As Leia sits on Queen Breha's lap she hears the story of Padme's life. I loved this story so much and really connected to the part where Breha tells Leia she may not remember this story but that she hopes she holds onto the "image and feeling"  of what she was just told. This story can actually give a possible explanation for Leia being able to give some impressions of her mother. This story brought tears to my eyes. Its such a beautiful celebration of Leia and her mothers, its a must for fans of the women in the galaxy.

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