Sunday, October 6, 2019

Fangirl Journeys: Triple Force Friday 2019

Star Wars Triple Force Friday Locations
I've been quite vocal about the lack of info and hype for this years TFF event. The live unboxing event really got me excited because there are some amazing  toys. But then I remembered how distribution has been a huge disappointment. So my journeys began with watching the twitter feed of the super helpful Yak Face  I was able to order this from Target online:
This morning I went to target and was as underwhelming as expected. Target didn't do a midnight opening and didn't even bother to have the display set up in advance. So basically when I walked in with a few fans at 8 am nothing was on shelves. I waited and they put out some Black series so I got these :
                          Hot Topic and Box Lunch were also lucky stops for me :

Now I'm just hoping all my online orders went through. I'm really glad this trilogy is wrapping up because it has been one of the MOST FRUSTRATING  EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD TRYING TO GIVE A COMPANY MY MONEY!!!  I realize that a big part of what I enjoy about collecting is buying toys in store. With Toy's R US no longer in business and my area in Southern California being one of the worst apparently It's just to tiring to get excited about an event and finding out retailers don't give a damn about them. 

I'm really grateful to those that share info online and it looks like going forward I will be shopping at Hasbro Pulse exclusively for figures. An end of an era but at least I can continue collecting what I love.

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