Friday, September 28, 2012


Hi Everyone! Here are my Bloggiesta Goals:

Well Life Really interfered this weekend but I did complete all my goals except one. But I will definitely keep up with my goals in the coming month :)

Transfer reviews to GoodReads
Write Reviews of recently read books
Arrange my Goodreads books and make sure every book is listed from my TBR Pile.
Clear out photos from past posts that may violate copyright rules.
Schedule posts and giveaways for Banned Book week
Do Tons of Challenges!
Connect with new Blogs and Bloggers

Here are the challenges I've completed so far:

CHALLENGE 10:THE BLUESTOCKING SOCIETY  Challenged us to revitazize old content, I participated by taking a 2009 review of the Manga The Color of Earth and updating/ Showcasing it for Banned Book Week


BOOKJOURNEY has a challenge to build blog audience. The challenge is to visit 10 blogs and leave comments. DONE!


WORDLILY chllenges us to catch up on Reviews! I have four pending:

Completed and scheduled these 4:
Hidden by Sophie Jordan
Crossed by Ally Condie
Before I Wake Rachel Vincent
Wonder Woman Power surge by Michael Teitelbaum

3 now! Will finish these by tomorrow


Val of Once Upon a Story

Challenges us to get PERSONAL. I created an about me page! I also have been sharing mylove of yoga and comics through the features My Yoga &My Geeky Week

JEN of YA Romantics Challenges us to step outside our comfort zone. I definetly started that by starting the first 50 shades book today. I'm not a fan of hyped books or erotica so i wasnt going to seek this book out. So I made a pledge that i would only read it if someone gave it to me, and what happens? One of my cliens bought the 3 book set and gave me book 1 to read. So I'm diving in and trying to keep an open mind.I also have a stack of non-fiction books that I'll be reading next month and prepping reviews for November.

I also started sharing my geeky side with my blog readers by writing posts about my love of comics, cartoons and comic conventions!


Tanya of Girl xoxo    has a post full of great blog topics. I picked two and added them to my schedule for next month:

1) 10 Book Covers that Terrify
2) 5 Books to read if you like the movie ----

looking forward to writing these posts :)



Joy introduced me to Evernote

How did I not know about this?? I created an Evernote account and posted my first note :)

BOOK VIXEN introduced me to Pocket!

I opened a Pocket account and transferred 5 articles to it to read later, from my Twitter page.                            

Trish of Love ,Laughter & Insanity Challenged us to make a blog calendar here is mine:
Amanda from On a Book Bender challenged us to organize our posts and monthly schedule.
Here is my new weekly schedule:
Monday: Review
Tuesday: Review
Wednesday: My Geeky Week
Thursday: Open
Friday: Review
Saturday: Open
Sunday: Sunday Salon
Monthly Schedule:
I started this by adding:
 All the books that I agreed to review in October 
 Events I'm participating in like Dewey's readathon.
Number of Books I need to read to make weekly goals
List of Authors to reach out to for Interviews


Joy Weese Moll said...

It looks like you're having a great Bloggiesta! You've completed so many challenges already.

I'm glad you liked Evernote!

Heartache Into Beauty said...

Great job completing all those challenges! I just did Trish's notebook and calendar challenge too, although I did the notebook part. It was such a helpful exercise for sure. Have fun with the rest of the weekend!

Vasilly said...

You're doing so well! I haven't started any challenges yet but I do need to start.

Jen Ryland said...

Thanks so much for participating in my challenge. Whether or not you enjoy the trilogy, at least you'll know what everyone else is talking about :)

And I love the idea of incorporating your love of comics into your blog. One of my blogging goals is to try a graphic novel!