Sunday, March 14, 2010


Tomorrow will be my half way point for a month without buying books. It's been a little difficult :( Especially with the release of Carrie Ryan's The Dead Tossed Waves!!! Also the great  Blogger presence on twitter has updated me on a lot of great titles that I want to read  :( :( But going thru this process I feel thatit's necessary. I went to the bookstore twice and walked around, checking the different sections and writing down books I want to get in the future. I've updated my wishlist  and even got two books in the mail ! I aslo won a copy of  My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent.

The most satisfying part of this process though has been going thru my shelves. I pulled out and read the reamaing Arc's and regular books I got for free at last years San Diego Comic-Con,  and also donated over 100 books  to the library. I decided if  i've had a book over a year and haven't read it yet I need to let it go. I'm super excited for March 31'st to come.  I'm allowing myself to buy Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter since the author event is at my local Borders and I'm going to buy  Dead Tossed Waves. I've also decided to not buy books in the months of  April and May . I'm having fun arranging my books into different mini challenges (like this mont'hs Fantasy Challenge)  my goal is to give away over 20plus books in the next month thru giveaways and donations. I'm loving the energy of my shelves getting smaller and smaller as well as actually READING all the wonderful books i've gotten in the last 18months.

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