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Review: The Endless Vessel by Charles Soule

I was so grateful and excited to get approved for this book because I am a fan of the writer's work in other mediums. Life conspired against me however the moment I downloaded it. I had no time to read except for a 30 minute lunch break three days a week. This was really hard but it gave me the experience to see how well thought out the pacing of this story was and also appreciate how easily it was to sync back into the adventure. And this story is a grand adventure. Three women one from a different time, and two living in a world on the edge of destruction are the center of the journey of this story. Each of them are unique for their times and their reaction to a new disease that has raged across an Earth that has barely survived a global pandemic. And all are on the path to the Endless Vessel . There were times in this book where I thought it would be too much for me. So many of us are still raw from the current pandemic. Soule's writing brushes hard against that

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