Saturday, January 16, 2021

Star Wars Book Chat Day 15: Sequel Trilogy Visual Guides

I really enjoyed the publishing imitative surrounding the sequel trilogy. These glossy over sized books from DK publishing are filled with high resolution photos and behind the scenes info. The Force Awakens guide was especially important because we didn't have much info on the state of the galaxy since the original trilogy.

I looked forward to buying each of the books as the films released and they are great reference tools.  

Friday, January 15, 2021

Star Wars Book Chat Day 14: Catching up on The High Republic News
 has an amazing section on their site that rounds up various interviews and art reveals from the first wave of The High Republic books. 

I especially love the character profiles . i'm really in love with Keeve from the High Republic comic:

There is also a new Launch Video celebrating release day of the initiative! If you want to know anything about release dates or catch up on interviews check the site regularly! 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Star Wars Book Chat Day 13 : I Am A Wookiee by Smith & Ying

I love these Star Wars Little Golden Books. There are several types of of books in the series. There are 9 books adapting the movies as well as one adapting the Solo film. 

There is also the I Am series which include I Am a Jedi, I am a Hero, I am a Droid, and this one. I am a Wookiee! 

           When you think of Wookiee's  you immediately think of Chewbacca! In this book we revisit the                 highlights of Chewbacca's life and the people he stood by in the hardest times. I love the art and                 the reflections on Chewbacca's past.