Monday, May 21, 2018

Countdown To Solo: Tag & Bink Were Here

When Ron Howard posted the photo below a lot of Star Wars Legends fans were extremely pleased. The actors pictured are portraying the characters of Tag & Bink ( though one of the characters was originally a Black man but then later changed to a white man by the creators).

The pair are  bumbling Rebels who while escaping from the Empire when they show up on Princess Leia's  Blockade Runner end up disguised as Imperial troopers on the Death Star.

Marvel has recently collected the two mini-series and the Star Wars Tales issue that the pair appeared in at Dark Horse comics. This is a great opportunity to have the parody based stories in you comic collection. Under Disney there isn't a whole lot of Star Wars parodies being allowed and this series has some really funny bits. Tag & Bink often stumble into defining moments  of the original trilogy and even the prequels. They meet Vader, show up on Yavin after the party to end all parties, steal Boba Fette's armor and it turns out they even helped Anakin romance Padme.

This is a fun volume, I'm excited to see Tag & Bink's cinematic debut.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Review: Star Wars: Lost Stars Volume 1 by Gray & Komiyama

Lost Stars by Claudia Gray has become one of the most popular new canon books. It's an epic YA series that focuses on two young friends with a passion for flying who join the Imperial Academy. Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree come from the same planet but from different class systems. When the Empire comes to their planet Jelucan the pair have an encounter with Grand Moff Tarkin that change both their lives.

In this first volume we learn that Thane is part of the Rebellion while Ciena is rising to prominence in the Empire. The pair are on opposite sides of the Battle of Hoth and both reflect on their pasts and how the actions of the Empire changed both their lives. 

For fans of the saga this series offers a glimpse of well loved events through the eyes of others. The pacing of the story is different from the novel, but I think that is do more to matching the story to the Manga format.

I never realized how much Lost Stars works as a manga until I saw Komiyama's gorgeous art. It also is wonderful seeing Ciena rendered because she is a Woman of Color I really hope this series reaches some young female readers. Ciena is such a great character. I'm so happy yen Press is making translations of this series available.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Countdown To Solo : Galactic Icons Variants by Marvel

The Solo crew are being celebrated on the variant covers of several Star Wars books by artist Rod Reis. These covers are so lovely,I think I'm going to have to collect them all!

Here are some of the SOLO covers: