Wednesday, April 7, 2021

SW Book Chat Day 25: Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith by Pak, Enco & Menon

Here is the thing. As someone who reads Star Wars comics and books I'm prone to a bit of eye rolling when it comes to once again seeing new Darth Vader content. So I didn't rush to buy this new series. Even when I heard the rumblings of how great it was and how many prequel trilogy characters turned up. The first collection of this series is now available on Comixology so I devoured it. The story is very solid and I loved the deep dive into Padme and Amakins past as well as validating the faith many had in Padme. There is also a spunky Forensic droid that helps Vader track down the people who hid Luke from him. Gorgeous art and a solid first arc.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

SW Book Chat Day 24: SW The High Republic Issue 2 by Scott Anindito, & Morales

There is something about Sskeer that has made him an instant favorite for me. In this issue he is traveling with newly promoted Jedi Knight and two twin padawans to answer a distress call. When the group boards a ship to check for life signs the see the grisly remains of a Nihl attack. The art combines well with this story to create  a creepy atmosphere. Through the midst of this we see that something is going on with Sskeer, he is reliving events from either the past or a vision of the future. Keeve is sensing the problems with Sskeer but has no time to address them as the group land on a planet near the attack and find more danger. 

This was such a solid issue that has me counting the days to the next issue. The High Republic comics continue to stay within the major events of the first arc but also build deeper connections with the characters as we get to know them.

Star Wars Book Chat Day 23: Star Wars Vol 1: The Destiny Path by Soule, Saiz & Prianto

Many fans have been waiting for the comics to inch closer to The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi and its finally here! In this arc we get to see the Rebellion continue to have a series of very bad days. Hacked communications mean individual Rebel cells can no longer communicate. There is also a new threat from Imperial commander Zahra. I also loved seeing more of Shara Bey in this arc. <br />Leia, Shara and Zhara for a triangle of perspectives that I really enjoyed. Seeing how Leia inspires the Rebellion despite her thoughts of Han, Zahra using her tactical planning to destroy the rebellion and Shara giving us amazing space battles. There are also some really great moments with Lando and Lobot in this arc as well. I struggled the most with Luke in this book. His story was a bit lackluster. His emotional turmoil is eloquently displayed with some great artistic moments but his moments, didn't shine for me as much as the other characters did. Still I'm greatly invested in this new arc. Charles Soule's writing is always entertaining.