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Shift (Shifters, #5) Shift by Rachel Vincent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the Fifth Book in The Shifters Series. Since I read a lot of series Icame up with a great idea on how to review them,this will help new readers and help me give a more consice review of the books.

Shift opens with Faythe and company dealing with the death of a family member. They have little time to recover from this loss when they find themselves under attack by a new threat : Thunderbirds!. Faythe is also dealing with the repercussions of one act that leaves her heart torn and effects her entire pride.

Here is a break down in how this book does in my new Series review catagories :)


Rachel has become a master of fight scenes and dramatic encounters. My heart was racing in the opening battle scenes. There is later violence that had me truly wondering if Faythe would survive. The thunderbirds are a definite threat and they fit nicely into the Shifters world.


I remember reading once that Rachel didn't consider the Shifters series a typical romance book and hence the tradional rules don't apply. Still she deftly ads scenes of romantic tension between the action. With Marc returned Faythe has to decide where her loyalites and her heart lie. It was suprising to see that the decision is not so clear cut with Faythe. I've felt that she should just get on with it (and choose Marc!) but Rachel has stayed very true to Faythe's character, she doesnt really know yet what she want's to do and I was suprised to find myself seeing Marc's rival as a valid relationship partner for her.

Character Growth:

I have been very pleased to see Faythe grow as a character. She has grown up in these past novels. It is interesting to see her think differently and not chafe so at the limitations being a tabby can have. Faythes parents are also a revelation in this book. To see Faythe providing the strength her parents need in these difficult times shows her growth, I also liked seeing a different side to Faythe's mom and the respect Faythe now feels for her.

Glass Half Empty Or Full ?

I have to pick a Half empty comment for the ending of the book. I liked the subplots with Kaci and the thunderbirds ,and also the developments with malone. However I felt that these could have been wrapped up in less time. I felt like Faythe should have been a point to make her decision concerning her love life . I would have liked to see some more introspection and afinal decision even if it wasnt revealed. I'm concerned that with only one book remaining that too many plot points will require tying up. other than that though I LOVED this book and am looking forward to book 6.

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