Saturday, April 10, 2010



When I heard about this challenge my first thoughts were of Ron & Hermione. I admit when I first started reading Harry Potter I thought Harry and Hermione were meant to be :) Movies one and two kind of set the stage for me thinking about Ron and Hermione together. At first glance they are extremely mismatched. Harry's temperment seems much more suited to Hermione. Ron is often a source of frustration and anger for her. But Ron is also able to see Hermione as more than just the smart girl she is. He tells her when she is a little too proud of herself and has a relaxing laid back effect on her.Poor Harry is often caught in the crossfire of their arguments . I have many favorite scenes with the two:

My first is from The Goblet of Fire: I love Ron's jealousy about hermione's date and her challenge to him to ask her out first if he doesnt want her with other guys :)

The Deathly Hollows had four painful and rewarding scenes with them:

Hermione getting tortured while Ron screamed for her in vain really showed the depths of his feelings for her.

My Heart broke for Hermione when Ron left her and Harry despite her pleadings with him.

Ron's destruction of the Hallow that tormented him with visions of Harry and Hermione was also touching. You got a sense of his fear that he wasn't enough for her. I loved Harry's explanation of his love for her like a sister, and how she cried for Ron while he was gone. I also loved how Hermione didn't just take him back right away! he had to pay for hurting her!! :) 

My favorite scene with the two though was in the chapter: The Battle Of Hogwarts. When Ron suggests they free the house elves . I love the discription of  "the clatter of basilisk fangs" and Harry's  line "Is this the moment?" Those scenes beautifully show the growth of the characters and set the stage for a great adventerous love! 

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