Friday, May 28, 2010


In this digital age, some parents are finding it hard to get kids to "unplug" and read more. the wonderful pre-teen Blogger: Reading Adventure who is and Armchair Bea contributer did a great blog about how to encourage her demographic to read. I'm a huge fan of comics and in my Crossover Sunday feature I encourage readers to give Manga, comics and Graphic Novels a try, here are some recommendations for younger and preteen readers as well as the kid in us all!

Owly is a wonderful picture comic that is appropriate for all ages. It is a picture book only , no dialogue. this book is great for young readers very sweet and funny. You can read several issues on line at:

Going into a comic shop today can be very intimadating for parents and kids as well. Many comics today are targeted towards teenages to adults. DC comics though is making an effort to reach kids with books like
Tiny Titans:

Tiny titans is fun for all DC fans and a great book for kids.

I've recently discovered a wonderful author called Charlie Higson. He writes a series called Young Bond about our favorite spy James Bond as a young boy:

I really loved this Graphic Novel and I'm glad it was a reccomended book of the week at my Comic Shop or i might have missed it. Kev Walkers art is gorgeous. He really captures the feel of  the Scottish Moors. I think boys and girls alike would like this book.I look forward to getting all the books in this series.

Hope you guys check these books out. I've loved this Armchair Bea experience!!


Chelle said...

I really like graphic novels and the Young Bond one looks good. I may have to look it up! I found you through the Armchar BEA/BBC Roundtable and am also participating. I enjoyed reading your BEA posts!

Mrs. Vincent said...

I love Owly! I read tons of Archie comics when I was a kid and I would beg my mom for a new one at the checkout at the grocery store! The graphic novels are hard for me...I find them harder to read because I have to think so much about what is happening. I see how they can be great for reluctant readers or even readers who don't speak English as their first language. :)

Callista said...

I'm not familiar with those but I do think crossover books are good for reluctant readers!

Tif said...

I'm always on the lookout for GNs for the younger crowd! I'm definitely going to need to check these out! Thanks!