Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is a special edition of Sunday Is BlogDay where I profile all the great bloggers I met during ArmchairBEA. Firstly Though I want to thank all the founders of this event Tif. Emily, Michelle, Florinda and Danielle. Check out their posts and all the other great posts of other members at  Here are some wonderful bloggers I'm now following :)

Melina at Reading Vacation  Firstly let me say one thing about Melina: she's ADORABLE!!! This ten year old Texan Blogger is well read, smart and articulate. I encourage any publisher and parent to read her posts. Her Armchair Bea post on how to encourage children to read is very good. She is a very good reviewer and so sweet!

Brain Candy BR  I liked this site. I'm always interested to meet male Bloggers and see what types of books they enjoy. This site has lots of great reviews of books from independent publishers, books that I must admit I rarely come across. I'm very interested in the book he reviewed : Little Green by Loretta Stinson. I'm also going to check out Author Jenna Blum at Her book The Stormchasers looks interesting.

I also enjoyed Melissa at Ya bookshelf I enjoyed her interview with Author Sherri Browning Erwin about the book Jane Slayer another classic/ supernatural mish mash book. I have to admit I thought I was done with this genre of books, but after reading the interview I'm interested in gettinmg this book.

Tif of  is an ArmchairBEA founder and has a great Blog! I love her idea of Fairy Tale Fridays where  she features a Fairy Tale each week :)

Also a "new to me" Blogger I met this week is Aths of Books On A Rainy Day she was extremely prolific with her BEA posts! she also won 9 books in all the great Bea contests!

I had a Great Time at Armchair BEA! my blog followers went from 27 to 40!
My twitter followers increased by 30+ and I won James Dashners book 13 reality, such fun if I'm not at BEA next year I will definetly do this again :)

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Aths said...

Thanks for the shout-out!! I loved that we all got a chance to "meet" during Armchair BEA week!