Sunday, June 27, 2010


On my Wishlist is hosted by Book Chick City.

After a week of zombies I'm feeling like shifting genres :) here are some fantasy/paranormal
 titles I'm interested in:

The Owl Keeper : This book's beautiful cover just drew me in!

"Maxwell Unger has always loved the night. and his Gran's stories of the the owl keeper. A figure that would appear to unite Owls and Sages against the Darkness" Cover Blurb

I loved Maggie's book Shiver! I'm waiting anxiously for Linger , this is one of her earlier novels.

LOVE this cover! I've heard lots of buzz about this book and this Author.

I'm so excited for this anthology. Great Authors, all new stories about modern day Knights protecting us from things that go bump in the night :)

I was thrilled to meet Kami and Margaret at last Year's San Diego Comic Con. This is a wonderful series, I'm hoping to get lucky and get the ARC of this one next month.

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