Thursday, July 29, 2010

1st Annual Multi-Media-athon!! Updated! Results!

Has Been a crazy week ! I forgot to update my multimediathon results :0

Here is what I completed :

Planet Hulk DVD

Vampire Knight Anime DVD

Graphic Novels:
Thor vol 2
House of Mystery Vol 4
Road to Perdition
Final Crisis
Blood Manga vols 4+5
over 35 comics
Feed by Mira Grant

I also read tons of sampler chapters as well

So much Fun! Ill be reading more this weekend as well, I'm happy to be getting through my TBR Pile

So, now that I'm back from San Diego Comic-Con, my body and my budget can use some rest :) I came

back with tons of books, comics, chapter samplers and other goodies. I also have a stack of movies and comics I've been needing to read and watch over the last couple of weeks before the con. So starting tonight thru Sunday I'm going to relax at home and do a Multi-Media-athon! I'm going to be reading comics and Manga, finish up a few books and watch some Dvd's Ive been hoarding! Here is the pile I hope to attack:

I'll also be hosting two giveaways with buttons books and other goodies. Check my twitter feed under @yogikai with the hashtag #mmathon, and check back here Saturday for the Giveaway!


Ky said...

I am soooo jealous of your Vampire Knight DVD. Like utterly and completely jealous. Have fun!

Caitlin said...

I love LOVE the Vampire Academy manga and anime! Hope you enjoy it!:D

Mary Ann said...

What an awesome haul !!! Hope you have a great time enjoying all your media goodies :D