Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Fortnight of Fantasy, Magic, and Romance!

The recent Read-a-thon really caught me up on some of my book challenges. With summer coming to and end I really want to try to catch up.  I also want to read  some different Genre's. So from tomorrow through August 31st I will be reading books for these Challenges:

I've broken it down into three categories: Fantasy, Magic and  Romance.

Here are the books:


For The EW Challenge, I committed to 7 books but Ive only read and reviewed 1, this will be my second :)

 These two books aren't for any challenges but I've heard positive buzz and have had them on my Nook for over a month :


I love Devon Monk's Magic Series and am all caught up except for this one. I heard sooo much positive Blogger Buzz about Magic Bites so I had to pick it up :)


These are all for Book Chick City's romance challenge:

I'm looking forward to diving into these books and meeting my reading challenge goals :)


Julie P. said...

The 2010 EW Summer Book Challenge is all about fun! You can read one book and still be successful! I hope you enjoy!


thanks julie, i just get a little stressed if I dont follow through on things :(