Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My interview today is with Meghan of   Medievalbookworm. When I read her blog title and that her two favorite books were Pride and Prejudice and Age of Innocence I knew I'd like her blog. Meghan is an avid reader of Historical Fiction and many other genres here is my interview:

Tell me what got you interested in blogging:

I first became interested in book reviewing  on Library Thing ; I liked having a record of what I thought about each book. It was something I'd never done before and as I read so much, I was starting to forget details and even whether or not I'd liked a book. I started my blog as a place to put those reviews and got much more involved once I found other book blogs.

How long have you been a blogger ?

I've been posting book reviews on my blog for a little over three years now, but I've been officially a book blogger for about two and a half.

I noticed besides  Historical Books you also review a lot of contemporary fiction, Do you like Non-Fiction Historical works as well?

Yes, I love history! I am trying to read more of it these days. I have a MA in medieval history and I really miss learning, so I've been making an effort to read more non-fiction, even if it takes me a little longer.

You listed Jane Eyre and Age of Innocence as two of your favorite books (mine too!) Did you enjoy the Age of Innocence movies with Daniel -Day Louis? What is your favorite Jane Eyre adaption ?

To be honest I've never seen any of them! Shame, I know, but I prefer books to movies in most cases and I didn't really want to replace the characters in my head with "real " people. As often happens if I've seen a film I'll never recapture what I thought of all the Harry Potter characters before I saw all the films for example.

You had an Amazing Reading Month in August! How many books a month do you normally read?

I do read somewhere around 18-20 books a month. Sometimes it's more, like in August and sometimes it's less. I've been reading a lot of books lately!

Do you have an E-reader? Which one ?

I just got the new Kindle 3 this month. It's my first e-reader and I think it's awesome so far. Since I'm in the UK. it was really my only choice If I wanted a dedicated E-bookstore that was easy to buy from.  I'm pleased that it's easy to read books on it.

Thank you so much Meghan!

Check her blog out along with my interview at:


Heather J. said...

I'm already a fan of Meaghan's but I new to you blog - hi! I can tell that it's one I'll enjoy though, so expect to see her her in the future. :)

Trish said...

Meghan's reviews are really great! It was fun to learn a little more about her. 18-20 books? Impressive!

I'm new to your blog--I really like your header!

heidenkind said...

You really aren't missing much with the movie adaptations of either Jane Eyre or Age of Innocence, Meghan. Of course, AoI has Daniel Day Lewis, which is a plus, but it's oddly one-note.

Valerie said...

I like Meghan's comment about reading non-fiction to continue learning. That's a perfect way to describe why I enjoy non-fic also (although it's not the only genre I read). Interesting interview!

redhead said...

20 books in a month? that is humbling.

I can barely get to all the blogs and interviews I want to read!

Anonymous said...

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