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WraeththuWraeththu by Storm Constantine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Today the theme for BBAW is Forgotten Treasure. I wouldnt say That Wraeththu by Storm Constantine was a "forgotten" treasure, but I'm sure a great many readers aren't familiar with it. The cover shown here is from the collected Omnibus edition. There are three books in the series:

The Enchantments Of Flesh and Spirit

The Bewitchments of Love and Hate

The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire

Here is a little about the book from the Good Reads site:

In this powerful and elegant story set in a future Earth very different from our own, a new kind of human has evolved to challenge the dominion of Homo sapiens. This new breed is stronger, smarter, and far more beautiful than their parent race, and are endowed with psychic as well as physical gifts. They are destined to supplant humanity as we know it, but humanity won't die without a struggle.Here at last in a single volume are all three of Constantine's Wraeththu trilogy: The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, The Bewitchments of Love and Hate, and The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire. Good Reads

Now there is something I must express here. In this future, the majority of Wraeththu are male. Males that have, through evolutionary necessity have the power to procreate. I say this because Wraeththu has many stories of love, but they are between men. This book has been recognized by many Gay an Lesbian literary communities.
I want to let prospective readers who may not be comfortable with these situations know in advance. I HOPE, this would not dissuade anyone from reading it. The stories in this book have to do with love, hate, betrayal and redemption the themes and romance transcend the fact that the characters are mostly men.

Book One is narrated by Pellaz.He is a young boy living on a small farm with his family. They have heard many rumours about the Wraeththu and are surprised when one comes to there small farm. It is Cal. Pellaz is enthralled with him he feels emotions and desires he never thought possible. He runs away with Cal, on a Journey that will end with him being turned into a Wraeththu and so much more. This volume is beautiful and interesting we are introduced to the community of these strange beautiful beings along with the politics of the Wraeththu community.

Book Two is narrated by Swift. He is a youngling or Har, who lives with his father and hostling who birthed him, Cobweb. Swift is a very interesting character and we see a different aspect of the Wraeththu world. Though Swift's father is active in the political world Swift is not effected by it much. He lives a quiet , pampered life. Then Cal shows up at his family's doorstep. Cal is reeling from the events of book one and is at Swifts house to lick his wounds and take advantage of the former affections Swifts father still holds for Cal. Swift's life is continually upended due to Cal's affects on his family. Swift's childhood also ends as he and his magics are needed for a battle that is raging between the humans and the Wraeththu.

I loved this volume! Swift is one of my favorite characters, it is also very interesting to see Cal described through another characters eyes.

In Book Three we finally get the narrative voice of Cal. He has faced his demons and now moves on to the Wraeththu capital to reclaim Pellaz. Cal is such a great character! He is the trickster, the Stormbringer, his original deceptions have driven Pellaz away but Cal decides to face his demons and Pellaz once more. It is an amazing climax to a great trilogy that I look forward to rereading. Storm Constantine has created a marvelous universe and a wonderful cast of characters. Lovers of fantasy and magic will love this series.



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