Monday, October 18, 2010

31 Days Day 18: My Favorite Vamps/ Review SFX Vampire Special

It Began with Bela Lugosi. This version of Dracula was the first I ever saw. I was intrigued and soon became a fan of all the Universal monster movies. Even now many years later I have fond memories of this version.

Christopher Lee. He will always be my favorite Dracula! ill admit to having a bit of a teen crush on him. Christopher's version of Dracula was the first one I found attractive( though not so much above) His movements and velvet voice could really lure the ladies to bare their necks!

                    Moonlight barely made it to one full season which is a shame. The entire season is available on DVD so if you haven't seen it give it a try. Alex O' Loughlin plays Mick St John. He has a unique relationship with Investigative reporter Sophia. He rescued her as a child from a vengeful vamp and has always kept a subtle watch on her. Now she is all grown up. As mick helps her investigate the paranormal aspects of some of her cases they grow closer. A wonderful cast with great chemistry I really miss it .


One lovely human girl torn between two gorgeous supernatural beings who both hold a place in her heart, sound familiar? This anime/manga series has a little bit of twilight angst and Hogwarts academy. Yuki Crosses first memories are of blood covered snow and her protector Kaname. Yuki and Zero a relative of the headmaster are protectors and students at Cross Academy a prestigious private school. Unknown to the human students the second group of students the Night Class are actually Vampires. Cross academy is an experiment to see if humans and vampires can coexist. Yuki is a strong, well developed character. Yuki also has a mysterious past that comes to light and shifts the series into a whole new and exciting direction .

AHH! The best for last. I must say that Aidan Turner's role as John Mitchell is the hottest vampire in the TV/Movie genre right now. What makes John so intriguing is his past, and the future he is trying to create for himself and the vampire community. You see it's near impossible for John to feed without killing his victims. This haunts him,so much to the point that he tries to be "sober" aka not drinking blood.  When the main ruling vampire of London is killed John is forced  to assume a leadership position he is not prepared for. The stresses of this position weaken his defenses and lead to a shocking season 2 ending.

Just in time for Halloween this special Vampires issue from SFX Magazines has been released:

I love British magazines! they are so over sized and glossy and often come with lots of free goodies! This issue included some being human coasters, two gate fold posters, a book of scary vampire stories and a build your own coffin. This special is a little pricey $18.99, but its a great compilation of articles . Here are some of my favorites:
True Blood Interviews: great spotlights on Michelle Forbes (Maryann Forrester), Mariana Klaveno (Lorena_ and Allan Hyde (Godric)
Also a great interview with Charlaine Harris
A great 10 page piece on being human (LOVE!)
Vampire Diaries Fans will droll over the 5 page spread and Interview
Vampires and  Dr Who
Wonderful articles on Vampire films in all their incarnations from Hammer Films to French film maker Jean Rollin
Buffy, Spike ,and of course Twilight :)
Every aspect of Vampire lore is covered in this volume its well worth the price I look forward to trying to watch some of the movies on The Ultimate Vampire Movie List.
Great issue I highly recommend it .



Dazzling Mage said...

Have you read Anne Rice's vampire books? I heard great things about them, and have it on my list. I loved Moonlight!


I did read the first 4, dazzling mage they were good her other ones were a little strange to me.

Lily Marie Knight said...

Yay I'm not the only one that likes Being Human! =) Can't wait for season 3. Did you hear they are making an American version on SyFy? I hope it is as good though I am a bit doubtful that it will. I guess we'll see at the end of this year or January when it airs.

Have you ever watched Torchwood? Its pretty good too. A new season will start in 2011 but it is partially funded by starz so hopefully it won't change at all as its good as is.


i love torchwood! the last season broke my heart :( looking forward to new episodes

mbreakfield said...

I just watched the first season of Being Human not too long ago. I loved it! The second season is coming via netflix.