Friday, October 22, 2010


One  of my favorite Halloween traditions is to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. I usually wait till late in the month. The adventures of Jack and company are  creepy fun for Halloween and get me in the mood for the coming holidays. Here are my three favorite books based on the movie:

This Storybook version is unique because it is completely written and illustrated by Tim Burton! It tells the essence of the film but it's told completely in prose style.

I hope to never be too old to read a children's book, especially not a cool pop-up like this one. This book also has Hot Spot technology! when you place a finger on a black dot it warms up and shows a hidden surprise, it doesn't work as well as when I first got it but it's still a great book. 

    This is a beautiful companion to the film, It has the complete script ,original illustrations and the printed musical score.  The Nightmare franchise is still doing well due in part to great merchandise and different generations discovering in enjoying it . The best merchandiser's are Hot Topic:


                      You can see more Nightmare Before Christmas items at:

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Bittner said...

I completely agree! It is just not Halloween for me until I watch this movie! Great blog!