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31 DAYS DAY 8: Witches &Wizards


Welcome too Part 2 of 31Days!

This weeks theme is Witches & Wizards
I have to say witches have really changed in the past 10-15 years. I never read many books with witches in them. Occasionally a fantasy series would have an evil sorceress.  Books about witches have really exploded on mainstream fiction. I've often wondered why that is. There has also been a large amount of interest among women in the earth based religions like Wicca. I think the two are in some aspects intertwined. Whatever your faith I believe women are drawn towards the characters in these books for many reasons:
 I remember as a girl watching Bewitched and The Wizard of Oz. Samantha was so much fun, despite her many failures to live a normal magic free life. You could always catch a glimpse of fun, a sparkle in her eye even though her husband didn't want her using magic.  From he Wizard of Oz I learned two important things:
There are Good Witches and BAD :) I wanted her to be my big sister! Sooo much more than my real sister!
There is something so attractive about magic. Even if you read novels for enjoyment and escape. I find myself often wondering what I'd do with such a gift who I'd protect and yes I'll admit who I'd turn into a frog ;)
There is also something so intrinsically feminine about the word witch, At it's root it means "wise woman" I think it's a wonderful reflection of the mysterious power of women. The intuition of a mother. The healing touch of a female hand.
I've since become a huge fan of  the different   types of Magic and magic users that are being written about in fiction today, I'm looking forward to sharing my favorites with you.
 Here is the first trilogy I read about contemporary witches:

   Here is my review of Dance upon the Air. Join me tomorrow for reviews of Heaven And  Earth plus Face The Fire.


Dance Upon the Air (Three Sisters Island trilogy #1)Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is 1692. In Salem, MA. Three women meet on June 2nd the night of the solstice. It is a time of danger for their kind. They are witches. Though they've harmed none, fear and hate are putting their lives in danger. The three of them combine their powers and create an island. They intertwine their lives and their fates together forever.

Now hundreds of years later Nell Channing arrives on Three Sisters Island. She is escaping from an abusive husband. She ends up working at a local bookstore/cafe and begins to connect with the community and Mia her mysterious boss.

Nell's life is about to change even more as she learns she is a descendant of the Three witches who formed the island years ago. Now the island is under a curse and Nell is a piece of the history and the possibility of salvation for herself and the island.If these descendants of the original creators of the island cannot heal and correct the mistakes and pain of the past the island will cease to exist.

I loved everything about this novel. Nora's words are magical! She breathes life into her character's and the islands. I felt an immediate resonance with Nell.I also found myself wishing I was on the island sampling some of her cafe food! She is a true "kitchen witch" :)

In this volume we learn that Nell is related to Air one of the witches who left the island and married a man who abused and ultimately killed her. Ripley and Zack Todd are also introduced. Ripley denies her magical heritage, but as Zack falls more in love with Nell she may be forced to make difficult choices for those she loves.


Nora's description of magic is similar to magical traditions of Witches who live in the balance with the earth and seek to do no harm. Once she gets over her initial disbelief Nell embraces her magical heritage and begins a relationship with Zack. What I enjoyed just as much as the magic in this book is the themes about empowerment and choice. When her past catches up to her Nell isn't immediately saved by her power. She stands with her sisters and faces her greatest fear. With her sisters support and her own strength she unleashes a powerful protective magic and works towards relieving the a bit of the Island's curse.

I also like the fact that this is a stand alone story, but trust me you will want the sequels!

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Vampires and Tofu said...

I RARELY reread books, but I read Dance Upon the Air twice, loved it!!

mbreakfield said...

I loved Bewitched. I bought the series to rewatch, when I get nostalgic.