Saturday, October 9, 2010

31 DAYS DAY NINE: Reviews: 3 Sisters Island + Witches In Comics

I have a lot going on today! I'm participating in the Dewey Read-a-thon!!  I'll be hosting a mini-challenge and reading as much as possible! here are some of the books ill be reading that match this weeks theme:

 Now here are mini reviews of books 2 and 3 of Nora Roberts Three Sisters Island trilogy ,and spotlights on  my favorite Witches in comics:
Heaven and Earth (Three Sisters Island Trilogy Series #2) by Nora Roberts: Download Cover

Heaven And Earth is my favorite of the trilogy and that is because of the character Ripley Todd. The wonderful part of these books is that each of the women represent personality aspects that all women possess or aspire too. If I took a character quiz I'm sure I'd come out as a "Nell" but Ripley would be the girl I'd want for a sister or a best friend. Against her will and to protect Nell Ripley uses her powers to help Nell face her fears. Now several months later Nell and Zack are married and Nell has moved into the Todd family home.  Ripley is a little friendlier to Mia but still refuses to gather with the other two

  A newcomer has come to the island: paranormal researcher MacAllister Booke. He immediately stirs anger and defensiveness in Ripley as he seeks to learn about the islands history and interview Nell. Ripley is also surprised to feel an intense attraction to him.

What I enjoy so much about this book is Ripley's journey to love and a grudgingly acceptance of her powers. She is a descendant of Earth. Earth struck out in anger and struck down Air's killer, but this use of her gift in anger destroyed herself and her family. Ripley must face the same danger as a reporter poisoned with evil magics seeks to destroy Nell. Mac Allister Booke is also my favorite male lead in the series. I have a thing for yummy bookish types with glasses ;) A wonderful second novel in the trilogy as well as a stand alone romantic adventure.

 This is the final volume of the Three Sisters Island trilogy. It has come down to Mia. Two of the sisters descendants have face their fears and broken two parts of the curse. The manifestation of the curse has become stronger it is tormenting the dreams of Mia, Ripley, and Nell.  Now Sam Logan has returned to the island. To Stay. He is Mia's lost love. He is also a powerful witch. The stage is set, and the manifestation of the curse is now strong enough to make physical attacks. In her fist meeting with Sam Mia appears cool and composed. Power and passion still flare between them though despite the years.
Mia's journey and test is the hardest. She is descended from Fire. Fire had come upon a handsome male selkie in a cave. A selkie is a creature that is sea creature and human,by hiding his pelt Fire was able to keep him human and the two shared a love and created a family. The selkie later found his pelt and was compelled to return to the waves forgetting Fire and his family. Wracked with grief and her other two sisters dead Fire chooses death and throws her self from a cliff firmly locking in the curse.
Mia and Sam are magical together. She resists him but Sam continues to pursue her, first with business proposals and then romantic. Mia becomes his lover but holds back her love. As the energy of the curse begins to make physical attacks on Mia's family and friends she must make her choice. The choice that will determine the fate of the Island. This is such a great book! A wonderful end to the trilogy. I felt so strongly for Mia and even Ripley in this book. The reasons for Ripley pulling away from Mia are revealed as all the sisters along with Zack , Booke, and Sam come together to fight the curse. The future is dependant on Mia and her choice, a very thrilling and satisfying end to the story. I had such a journey with these women! Nora's writing is superb and I formed a bond with these characters and the Island. I loved rereading them to write these reviews!
I give them both :

I'm also a huge Comic Book Fan! here are two  of my favorite series:

      If you are a fan of  the paranormal genre and have ever thought of trying a graphic novel this is the book for you. Madame Xanadu is one of DC comics most powerful sorceress. In this volume we learn her history. From her beginnings as a forest Nymph teasing the wizard Merlin to the present.It's an amazing magical journey and a great introduction to the DC universe and a great stand alone adventure.

xxxholic is a Japanese manga by an all female creative group called CLAMP . They write many of the bestselling manga in Japan and are frequently in the top ten in US sales as well. Holic deals with addictions. Whether it be to an object like a computer, white lies or even negative thoughts/ If the victims of these addictions find their way to Yuko's shop she can help them with a cure. Human nature though is a curios thing and though she is able to help some many are beyond her reach. I love this manga ! It's a combination of Fantasy and Horror. Yuko is a wonderful character. She appears selfish, but she has a depth of caring and knowledge that really helps those around her. Her magic is strong but has a foundation of balance every spell has a consequence and a price. I suggest picking up the three in on volume of this series it's a great deal financially and gives you a good feel for the series in general :)


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I love comic books and graphic novels. I'll be on the look out for these.

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I am hosting a mini challenge during readathon too!

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