Tuesday, October 19, 2010

31 DAYS DAY NINETEEN: Vampire Wrap up/Thoughts on Twilight

For this last day of Vampire celebration I wanted to share with you some of my recent vampire reads and some books I'm wishing for:
I received a complimentary copy of the Dark Hunters at SDCC. Despite not reading any of the books I was still able to follow along and enjoy the story, don' know if Ill get future volumes or not.

          These are two series I've heard buzz about. I really enjoyed The Vampires Assistant movie but I don't think it was a finacial success. I still want to try the books.

       Blood Prophecy releases in November, It looks interesting. It follows the  100   plus year journey of Soldier Jeremiah Fall who is under a vampire curse

I've just recently collected the entire first series of Night world!! Ive had individual books for some time but now I have the full set so I'm looking forward to finally reading them all.

 Twilight has really become a force in YA fiction and has brought vampire fiction to the height of popularity. I've read all four books and have had a lot of conflicting feeling about it. Overall I've enjoyed the books especially Eclipse. Breaking Dawn was an interesting experience and though I didn't agree with some of the choices Stephanie made it is her universe and she's allowed to follow her muse. :)

As a fan in general I've been really surprised at some of the backlash Twilight Fans have received. Especially at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. This really surprised me since comic-con is really a geek nirvana! I think this has a lot to do with the tunnel vision  a lot of Twilight fans have. Yes Stephanie has created a great series but there are other writers and mythologies in the world. Also things like Vampire Diaries and even the remake of The Wolf man are not "rip offs of  Twilight". I would wish for Twi-fans to stretch their boundaries a little and embrace all the other great Vampire and werewolf genres out there.

I hope you guys enjoyed my exploration of all things Vampire, the next few days will focus on some of my Halloween traditions and then I'll start the Werewolf portion of 31 days!!


iamjenai said...

i love the first volume of the night world series especially the Secret Vampire! I plan on buying the other volumes but not on my priority list right now since there are tons of books i like to buy!

about Twilight - i liked it so much before but i really really HATE Kristen S. she ruined the books for me. the best book for me was Twilight and yeah, i didnt like last book . . . not the best way to end the series.

btw, thanks for stopping by my log and im now a new follower.

and lastly, i like Vampire Assistant too.

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mbreakfield said...

I like vampires, but werewolves are my favorites. Looking forward to the werewolf portion.