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  How could I NOT talk about Harry Potter for my 31 Days event. This series of books have entertained millions and inspired a lot of young one to read. The gift of this wonderful series is that it appeals to children and the child within us all. I know the book has caused a lot of controversy about teaching children pagan themes. I wonder if any of  those detractors have even read the books!

Harry's journey and it's themes are explorations of the fundamental choices we make in life. As these novels unfolded and I began to realise J. K. Rowling was beginning to explore darker themes I realised what a gift these books could be for young adults. It is not surprising that Adults off all ages would respond to them as well. The potter books reawaken that part of ourselves that once lived in magic! Childhood allows us to take time for flights of fancies and imagination. As adults these books are gateways to that time, though Harry faces challenges we never had to face as children. In lieu of a review I thought I share some of my thoughts with you about each book in the series.


  Confession ONE: I actually got the first Harry Potter book from my local library. I thought it was just "OK" and didn't buy it for my personal collection! (at first)

 Confession TWO  I did buy book 2! I loved it. I immediately predicted/hoped Ginny and Harry would be together romantically. :)

Confession THREE   The last page of this book is the first time I cried in the Potter Series . When Harry talks about Sirius Black to Uncle Vernon. The pride in his voice. the fact that he now has someone in his life that loves him and  to "check if I'm happy.." It's beautiful and a testament to how these books have touched me.

Confession FOUR The size of this one! More crying. The first time I realised the scope of what J.K. was attempting with the series. Loved Hermione's transformation in this book and her fighting with Ron :)

Confession FIVE  At this point I was such a Harry fan that I was buying t-shirts from hot topic! Oh and I HATED CHO!  How dare she be Harry's first kiss ;) TEAM GINNY!!

Confession SIX   I waited way to long to read this to the point that I was skipping huge chunks of it to get to the end.   I loved seeing Harry and Ginny's relationship blossom, I also thought it was funny that she dated so much more than Harry. I finished it at 11:00 pm and then went to the midnight release party for Book 7. Oh and I showed up teary eyed at the store.

Confession SEVEN  Love,Utter Love. I have never read a more satisfying conclusion to a series. It was difficult in some places. I actually had to put it down for two days after Dobby. J.K. doesn't disappoint the fans or stray from her vision of the series. People die, many live who are undeserving. What I love most about this book is the ending. I had anticipated a huge final battle between the two. The fact that Harry wins with a single defensive spell is the essence of who Harry is. More Tears, but also Joy. The epilogue! So touching and complete.

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vvb32 reads said...

great post! i love harry and i'm team ginny too! i like the confessions breakdown per book. great way to recap your reading experience.