Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: ALPHA BY Rachel Vincent


                  We are at Journey's end, with Faythe and her crew, and the odds have never been more strongly against her. Still reeling from the emotional anguish of Marc discovering her infidelity with Jace, Calvin Malone has manipulated the Shifter council into arresting the trio for treason.

Faythe manages to free herself and the toms but the danger keeps coming. All of this leads up to a fierce battle that will determine the fate of Faythe's pride and her family.

Reading this book was such an emotional journey for me. I can still remember the first time I discovered Rachel's first book Stray, through a link in Author Kim Harrison's website. Through these six volumes we have seen Faythe struggle to maturity while still remaining true to herself. I found myself reading it in small doses trying to extend the experience.

Rachel makes this quite hard though, with quick moving action scenes and stunning upsets that rocked the pride and my emotions. At the heart of this book is also Faythe's decision between Jace and Marc. I was so frustrated with Faythe over this! i found myself wanting to scream at her choose already!!

That is one of unique features of Rachel's writing. She doesn't deal and absolute Black and White. I was really angry with Faythe about her infidelity but I understood it. Things aren't always so cut and dry in real life and Rachel really brings that aspect to the series and to Faythe's character. Rachel has breathed so much life into these characters that their fates became very important to me.

Despite my preference for Marc, there was also a strong case for Jace. So in the midst of my angst I found myself grudgingly coming to realise Jace's validity as a partner for Faythe. It was a nail biter to the very end!

Faythe is at her finest in this book. It was wonderful to watch her mature and rise to the status of Alpha. She shows the most vulnerability and strength as she leads her Pride into battle for the very first time.

My only complaint is that the ending seemed a little rushed. The final action scenes were spectacular, but emotionally there was a bit of a disconnect, I think I wanted a little more of a wrap up.

In Conclusion:

The Shifter Series was the second Urban Paranormal series that I followed and it has been a satisfying journey.Ill miss these characters but I am satisfied with the completion of their Journey. Though I wouldn't be adverse to a few Novellas checking in with Faythe's Pride: Hint, Hint, Rachel :)




....Petty Witter said...

A big hit amongst all the daughters of my friends - I hope to get to read this as soon as it has finished doing the rounds.


The shifters series is amazing hope you get them soon :)