Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankfully Reading : UPDATE 1+ Mini-Challenge 2


So my goals for this weekend besides doing Nano was to do a mini readathon, today while visiting blogs as part of the blog hop I found out there is a reading weekend being hosted by Jenn's BookShelves
 This challenge is hosted by Beth Fish Reads
Here is the Challenge:
is to share a photograph of your TBR pile or at least one bookshelf. I know some of you already posted some photos of the books you hope to read this weekend, but I'd like to see more books. You can show older books, your kids' books, or new books. You can show a boring old bookcase (like I did) or you can photograph something fun. If you want, feel free to vlog. Either way, Show Me the Books!

Here are my photos: 
This is a bookshelf I hope to have empty by January 7th when I attend
 ALA Mid-Winter 

                                  This is a little Rolling cart i have stuffed with books as well

Now here is an update of books I've finished 
8 comic books
Cirque Du Freak Manga vols 1+2
Northlanders The plague Widow tbp
Graphic novels:
Echo vol 5
X-men Nation X Hc
Itzura Na Kiss Manga vol 4
Super Man Earth 1 hardcover
Dave Mckean: Cages
Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
NANO Update I'm at  44,000 words
Cant wait to see how everyone else is doing


Beth F said...

Good luck on getting everything read by ALA! Love the idea of a rolling cart for books.

I am so pleased to see Lonesome Dove getting so much attention these days. I read many years ago and just loved it right from the start. Loved the movie and plan to revisit the book via audio one of these days.

Jenn's Bookshelves said...

You're making great progress. I'm Candace...I love the idea of a rolling cart for books. I want to do something similar.

Hope you have a great time at ALA!