Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: The Yattering And Jack

The Yattering & Jack is a Short Story from Author Clive Barker. It is the tale of the Yattering a minor demon sent to harass Jack Polo, to break him with demon induced tricks. This graphic novel version is one of my favorite reads and I re-read it every Christmas. The Yattering is tormented by his job. Jack polo ignores his work . He defies the reality of the Yattering's presence and writes off his pranks as the wind or the house "Subsiding". I began to feel a little sorry for the Yattering. He is trapped in Jacks house all day with nothing to do but torture and kill the household cat's . Sad I know but this is a horror story!
It is Christmas Eve though when the Yattering feels hope in his little Demon heart. Jack's two daughters are coming to visit him. this gives the yattering a fresh audience along with an opportunity to torture Jack through his children. With the holiday turkey reanimated and running through the kitchen and a Christmas tree whirling itself into destruction the yattering appears to be on the road to success. But it soon becomes clear that Jack isn't as obtuse as he has been pretending and he takes a dangerous risk that brings this story to a surprising end.
I've read the prose story by Clive Barker as well and it is equally enjoyable. A fun , holiday read for horror fans :)

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....Petty Witter said...

Well this is certainly a very different holiday read, thanks for the recommendation.