Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bloggiesta Update 3- WRAP UP POST

Well I survived my 2nd Bloggiesta! I got so much accomplished this time , completed all the challenges. Yesterday I :

1) caught up on reviews
2) Sent an e-mail to request review books
3) Set up favicon and Gravatars
4) connected with new bloggers through Follow Friday posts
5)added a review link
6) found out how to do a review hyperlink from a fellow blogger, Ill be doing that next weekend.

Thanks everyone for all your help and support.

      Hi everyone only logged an hour today so far here is what I did:

           1)Cleaned out e-mails

            2) Sent a copy of my book review to the publicist

             3) Sent Interview questions to a comic artist
              4) worked on reviews

          Now here is a great stretch for your upper back:

                You will need 2-3 blankets and a towel

   Stack the Blankets up folded in the same size and direction

     Roll them up tightly like a big cigar and fold the towel across the top
                                                It should look like this:

Sit on the floor with your back at the lower end of the roll.Slowly lower yourself down.

The towel should go under your head and neck for support you might need to move it.

Your legs are extended straight, opened wide if your back hurts.

Lay this way for 5-7 mins or longer. Be prepared for strange looks from kids and spouses and for pets to come and lay next to you =)

To get up roll to your right side off the blankets. bring your knees up towards your chest in a fetal position, Gently push yourself up.


I want to make a page to archive my reviews. I know how to make pages but I don't know how to make a link from pages to my review posts if anyone knows of a great tutorial post let me know. Thanks!


Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

Doing my stretching in bed right now. If someone tells you how to do that page, let me know!

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Yes, Kai, if you do get any pointers on that page, please let me know too. Thanks! =O)


Ill let you guys know if I find out :)

Anna said...

are you hoping to just make a 'Review' page?

Chachic said...

Congrats on accomplishing a lot of tasks in this round of Bloggiesta!