Saturday, January 29, 2011


What I love most about blogging is suggesting books I love to someone who may never have tried them, especially Manga and Comic Books. For this Manga Matcher article I'm going to target specific genres and the manga readers of that genre might enjoy here we go!
Enjoy the Paranormal ? Witches and Reapers? This is the manga for you a Young Soul Reaper on a mission to collect wayward souls.

Zombies ! Zombie fiction has exploded in popularity lately and this series has a Manga staple: High School pared with the hungry undead.


Romance lover? These two series have all the hallmarks of a great romance: passion , heartbreak, happy endings, well mostly! Despite it's sweet cover Be With You  is a bittersweet tale of love and loss, I didn't expect to resonate with it so strongly. It brought me to tears. In Sand Chronicles we follow Ann and Diago through childhood love to the complexities of adult life.

   Suspense fan? Monster is an emotional roller coaster! A famed surgeon saves a young boys life only to discover that the boy is a psychotic murder! Through the years the surgeon sacrifices his career to track the man and stop his killing spree. thrilling action and suspense tale!

Sci-Fi fanatic ? Parasyte is about an alien life form that has the ability to take over the human body. One young boy is somehow able to resist full conversion and now lives a half human/ half alien life. His hybrid status makes him a target for the other aliens and he is constantly under attack.


Like them traditional ? Bloody and dangerous? Hellsing is for you:

 How about romantic and angst ridden with a light touch of horror? Vampire Knight !
      Let's not forget Fantasy


FullMetal Alchemist is the story of two young boys who try a magical ritual to bring their Mother back to life. It fails and Edward loses an arm and his brother Alphonse becomes a disembodied spirit held bound to a suit of armor.

Tsubasa is the story of a group on a mission to save parts of  the soul from a young girl called Sakura. the travel through space and time to several different planets . An epic tale from Clamp studios one of the most popular manga studios in Japan and America.

Amazing books all and not nearly the tip of what the Manga world can offer. I hope you all have been intrigued this week to give some of these books a try :)


Orchid said...

Great choices!
I see some I've either read or watched the show for, and some that I haven't tried yet. Thanks for the suggestions. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oooh, great manga picks! I'm so going to try Sand Chronicles later, I've seen it everywhere lately so it must be good. :D For vampires I would also recommend Millennium Snow, the vampire is so non-traditional but it has a werewolf so that's a plus, haha. I would love to hear about your favorite slice-of-life/normal-ish manga picks, they've recently become a fast favorite of mine. I love being able to relate to the normal stuff the characters go through. Thanks for sharing!

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