Sunday, January 2, 2011

MY Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2010/ 2011 Graphic Novel Challenge

Graphic Novels have really crossed over into the main stream of the reading public. People who may never have stepped into a comic shop have probably glanced through or even bought a graphic novel or Manga at one time or another. I wanted to share with you the ten most enjoyable manga and graphic Novels I read this year.
 Not all of these books were published in 2010 but that's when I read them:


This Manga is by Writer Naoki Urasawa and Artist Osamu Tezuka. It is an homage and a retelling of the story "The greatest Robot On Earth" by Takashi Nagasaki.
It is a brilliant exploration of the action story featuring Atom, aka Astro Boy . This 8 volume series is the pinnacle of the Manga experience, if you ever wanted to dip into the Manga world this is the series that will make you a Manga Fan,

 I was late to the experience that is Scott Pilgrim's Precious little life. I've now finished the entire series. Bryan captures a lot of the typical attributes of a Manga story but infuses it with his own personal style.

If you saw and liked the movie: Read The Graphic Novel

If you saw the movie and didn't like it: READ THE GRAPHIC NOVEL!

I enjoyed the story in both mediums but I think both should be experienced.

                                          3) CROSSED 

One of the most Disturbing comics I've ever read. There is a fragile beauty that exists amongst the violence that is really hard to describe but there is more to this experience than the violence it portrays.
4) Invincible Iron Man

I don't read a lot of Marvel Comics but the ones I do are written by Matt Fraction. His current run on Iron Man is one of my favorite books. I'm especially happy with his portrayal of Pepper Potts and the creation of the Rescue armor, A female Iron suit? Yes! I would love to see this concept carried into the movie franchise.

5) Midnight Nation

My Comic book shop introduced me to this trade by J. Michael Straczynski. The artwork in this volume is by Gary frank whose work I first encountered with the recent Superman Secret Origin. This is the journey of David Grey and his journey to reclaim his soul which has been stolen from him. In his journey he is guided by a mysterious young woman name d Laurel. I didn't know what to expect with this story and that made it so much more enjoyable.

The concept of a Hero gone bad has been portrayed in many different ways in the comic world. Mark Waid however has taken this concept to a whole new level. each volume we watch the Plutonian spiral more and more out of control. A wonderful exploration of what it takes to crack the mental and emotional psyche of a hero.

This collection from the own going Northlanders series is stunning, A young widow and her daughter fight to survive in a village that has decided to completely shut its self off after the advent of violent Plague. Brian Wood is doing wonderful things with this series.


This is the trade collection that made me start collecting the individual issues of Secret Six, I just couldn't wait for the new issues to be collected anymore. :) This volume has the Six in their usual predicaments: Stuck in a bad situation gone worse, lives in danger and some great guest stars ( Wonder Woman!). A great read.


 I really enjoyed this trade. Romita Jr's wonderful gritty art pared with a great scrip by Millar made this a wonderful read. Also a really great movie


Adult Fantasy at its best with a unique Indie style. I look forward to seeing where Stokoe takes the story next.

So there are my favorites for the year! I'm looking forward to lots of great Reads in 2011 and have joined this challenge:

                              This is being hosted by Vasilly HERE


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I love this list! I haven't read any of the books you list but Scott Pilgrim is definitely on my tbr list.

Joanne said...

Yesterday, my husband and I were talking about graphic novels. Neither of us has ever read one, so we weren't really sure what they are. Thanks for this we can look up these books and actually read a graphic novel!

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