Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review: Doctor Who : The Only Good Dalek


Do You Who? I do! Doctor Who is one of the most successful and long running Science fiction Series in the UK and in recent years The United States. This Christmas for the first time the Doctor Who Christmas Special was simulcast to fans in the States.
Though I've enjoyed the show for quite some time I've never read any of the comic stories until this one.
The only good Dalek is a hardback Graphic Novel published by BBC Books. I picked it up at my local comic shop. Being an import book it has a higher price tag: $20.99, not too bad for over 123 pages.
The story begins with the Doctor and his companion Amy landing on a strange Alien landscape. They come upon a man fleeing for his life and watch him turned a strange crystalline structure by a raging beast. the two are rescued by a an armed group of  soldiers and they discover that they are on Station 7. Station 7 is an earth base that is the repository of all Alien technology but primarily Dalek technology. In fact the scientists on this station even believe that they have discovered a way to override the Dalek's main desire: Extermination! Justin Richards the writer of this tale, moves the action forward in this tale while still creating many scenes that showcase the quirkiness of the Doctor. When separated from the Doctor we get to see Amy's resourcefulness in action as and a soldier track down a missing scientist.
The Dalek's though are the star of this book. So much so that the Doctor and Amy take second place to them. The Dalek's have an interest in Station 7 due to their discovery of an "Abomination". Does this mean the Scientist's have succeeded in creating a "Good" Dalek?
Mike Collins is an amazing artist. He breathes life and menace into the Daleks even on the comic page. He also does a great job with The Doctor and Amy, they really resemble the actors who portray them.
I really enjoyed this story though I think it could have been a little shorter. It had a wonderful ending that kept you guessing til the end but it was limited by a few slow part. Overall it was a fun read and It really put me in the mood to red more Doctor Who comics.

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