Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review: Flip This Zombie by Jesse Petersen


This is the second book in the Living With The Dead series. We are reunited with David and Sarah the young couple whose marriage was saved by a Zombie Apocalypse! I really enjoyed Married with Zombies, the first in the series. it had a unique twist on the genre and had lots of comedy and Zombie action.Unfortunately I found this sequel disappointing. Its starts off quite promising. David and Sarah have turned their survival skills into a business: Zombiebusters Extermination. They have also developed into quite a bad ass couple both in attitude and weapons training.
The opening action scenes are action packed and i enjoyed
the sarcastic banter between the two is humorous.
Their next job which is the focus of the remainder of the story , is where I began to lose interest. The pair receives a request to visit a potential client. There they find a scientist living in a heavily armed bunker with weapons, electricity and a fully functional bathroom (hot showers anyone?) that he is willing to share. There is just one little catch they need to bring him zombies. Live zombies, well still moving corpses that he can experiment with and possibly cure.
The rest of this book really dragged for me  despite the addition of a new "bionic" fast moving zombie. I had high expectations for this book but it really dragged for me midway through and I even found the climatic ending less than climatic. There isn't a huge shift in narrative or focus in Petersen's book but the story was lacking and a little predictable. I'm hopeful that the third book might put this series back on track.

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