Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Meet Haruhi - a cute, determined girl, starting high school in a city where nothing exciting happens and absolutely no one understands her.

Meet Kyon - the sarcastic guy who sits behind Haruhi in homeroom and the only boy Haruhi has ever opened up to. His fate is now tied to hers.
Meet the S.O.S. Brigade - an after-school club organized by Haruhi with a mission to seek out the extraordinary. Oh, and their second mission? Keeping Haruhi happy . . . because even though she doesn't know it, Haruhi has the power to destroy the universe. Seriously

I really enjoyed the first three volumes of this series but I was a little disappointed with this volume.
The first three chapters are called the Mysterique Sign 1-3. This story focuses mainly on Kyon in this story. Ordered by Haruhi to place a mysterious symbol on the SOS brigades website to represent their new logo. Of course nothing is ever simple in Haruhi's world her desire for a little adventure results in several disappearances by people who viewed the symbol. Including Kyon's grandmother.
This story was just OK, It lacked the fun element that Haruhi brings to the series. i found my self plodding through until the ending
The second story is called Remote Island Syndrome. Haruhi takes the SOS on a mandatory trip. The end up on a remote island at a large hotel. The entire location and the mysterious mansion seems ripe for a mystery and sure enough the next day the owner is found murdered. This story was a little more enjoyable but became very predictable as it lead up to the climax.
I enjoyed vols 1-3 much more than this one volume but I will continue with future volumes this just seems like a slight misstep in an overall great series.
I ordered this book from PBS

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