Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review :Star Wars DeathTroopers


 I swear I heard Angels signing!!  ;) When i heard about Death Troopers a Zombie book set in the Star Wars Universe I was so excited! I had just purchased an e-reader and was disappointed that it wasn't available as an E-book so I waited. Here is what I thought :

THE GOOD: Joe is a talented writer and he has set up a wonderful Horror premise that is well thought out and spooky.

Imperial Prison Barge The purge breaks down in a deserted sector of space. Things look bleak until an abandoned Star Destroyer is found not too far from them.As a crew leaves for parts they come back with more than anyone expected, a strange virus begins to kill the majority of the Purge's crew. Now the two brothers and a medical officer face off against a prison barge full of the reanimated dead and they are quite hungry.

This story flows really well in the beginning. It was really hard to separate this from a traditional horror tale which i liked along with the Star Wars connection.

This One Thing

Despite a great beginning there was one thing that really bothered me in this book: Fade Out scenes. Joe has a great narrative voice and really could build up the tension but then a scene would end with a character passing out or in a dangerous situation and then the chapter would just end! In the next chapter the character would mentally replay what happened in the narrative but it lost its thrill capacity to me. Joe does this repeatedly and it really frustrated me, especially since he had a great build up leading into these scenes.


This was a quick and enjoyable read, and it also contained a surprise appearance  by two of my favorite Star Wars characters. I enjoyed the unique concept but think the narrative and pacing on some of the book could have been better. I will definitely pick up the Prequel to the Series Red Harvest.



Dana Alma said...

Hey Kai,
I just might go out and buy this one. Thanks for the heads up.
See ya!
Readaholics Anonymous

GirlatTheRockShow said...

I felt the same way about the fade outs! Overall I liked the story but it's not one of my favorite Star Wars books. I'm hoping Red Harvest will be better.