Sunday, January 23, 2011




 This is a wonderful graphic novel  full of action and adventure with a courageous heroine. Zita and her friend Joseph are playing together in the woods. A meteor crashes near them and as it bursts open a large device with a red button is inside. Adventurous Zita opens it and a wormhole in space opens up and a tentacled creature captures Joseph. Initially Zita runs in fear but soon she finds the strength to push the button again and soon she is in the center of an Alien marketplace on a different world.

She encounters creatures of all size and shape and species including a large mouse that speaks in pictures and The Piper a  human with a magical flute and a stranded spaceship.

Ben Hatke is a talented writer and artist. He breathes life into all of his characters, Zita especially. Her facial expressions and movements are so authentic and sweet.  Her natural caring nature draws a wonderful cast of helpers as she races to rescue Joseph.The pacing of the story is fast paced, this is a quick read but full of lush art that causes you to pause and enjoy .

A wonderful all ages read. I'm hopeful that more volumes in Zita's story are forthcoming.



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