Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Fortnight Of Romance Review: Mine To Take by Dara Joy

VALENTINES DAY  is a week away so I'm going to be focusing on romance books, fairy tales and even a little poetry for the next Fortnight (Two Weeks). I love the word Fortnight =) sounds a little romantic itself. So today I have a review of one of my favorite romances that I recently re-read:

Mine to take is the second book in the Matrix of Destiny Series. I just discovered that recently. This book is a wonderful stand alone read that deftly links in characters from the previous novel Rejar.

Mine to take has a wonderful blend of Science Fiction, fantasy and blameworthy romance. Gian Ren is a captive. He is astounded that he has been poisoned and detained, curses his lack of awareness that caused his capture  and plots his escape. Foremost in his mind is that his true identity not be discovered since it would bring to his world and him self.

Gian is a familiar. Sensual, exotic shape shifters known for their ferocity and there passions. He is held as a piece of a plot by a would be dictator Karpon. Karpon plans for Gian to steal the innocence of the heir to to kingdom Jenise. Karpon will then cast her aside and rule in her place,

This plan was a little confusing to me especially since Jenise's government is matriarchal. If Jenise took Karpon as a lover she would  rule and he would be consort but if it was discovered she slept with the familiar Karpon would be able to cast her out?  Don't let this  interesting choice of plot hold you back though, because Jenise and Gian have a wonderful romance together.

  Jenise is a great character, strong and determined. She won't just lay down
 (pun intended) and take her fate. She has a plan of her own. To bed the familiar on her OWN terms. She secures a promise from Gian that he will iimmediately take her innocence and in return she will release him. Then they will escape together leaving Karpon with nothing!

Jenise knows about familiars and she thinks she is prepared for Gian's charms . What neither of them expects is that Jenise is Gian's soul mate, the woman he is to bind himself to for life.

Once the two of them escape from Karpon to Gian's planet there is very little conflict in the story , but I still was enchanted by Jenise and Gian's tale. Now free for the first time in many years Jenise is shocked to realise the bond Gian has formed with her. She must decide what is more important her freedom or an unexpected love.

Dara has created a very interesting universe filled with magic, fantasy, and romance.

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