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Interview/Review of Falling Under by Gwen Hayes`


Drawn to this book by it's gorgeous cover I was very excited to win Falling Under from GoodReads. I'm so happy to have Gwen today for an interview! Enjoy! 

 Your WEBSITE is beautiful. As a reader its such a gift to get a book and immediately be able to connect with an author through Facebook, Twitter etc. Can you tell me at what point in your career you became a part of Social Media? Has the experience been positive for you overall?

Thank you! I adore my website also. My designer is awesome.
I actually got involved with social media very soon after making the decision to write. It was less about promotion than connecting with other writers at first, then the publishing industry folks, and now readers. Other than the time I got in a Twitter fight with Scott Baio, I've had a wonderful experience with it. Writing can be very solitary, I consider Twitter the office water cooler.

 Your blog header states "Saving the World One Love Story at A Time" What is the personal draw of love stories for you?

Falling in love really cracks open characters for me. You get to see their hopes and dreams AND their insecurities. It's awesome.

 Theia is such an interesting character.You can feel the oppression of her restrictions surrounding her yet she still finds small ways to rebel. Can you tell me a little about the creation of her character?

She's the most difficult character I've written in terms of understanding her motivation. She does not do anything I want her to do. She makes terrible choices 100% of the time. I've had to learn to let go a lot.

 Did You do a lot of research into the supernatural elements you cover in the book or did they just create themselves organically through the narrative?

I enjoy research to stimulate and inspire my creativity--but the best part of writing in a paranormal setting is that I can pretty much do whatever I want. Mara, for instance, is a conglomeration of several myths all rolled into one psychotic demon.

What projects are up next for you? More short stories ? Or another novel?

Right now, I'm working on Theia and Haden's sequel--but I do enjoy writing short stories in between when I need a break. This spring, shortly after FALLING UNDER, I have a short story coming out with Samhain Publishing. It's not a YA, but it is a rom/com and has zero supernatural elements at all. I need variety in my writing to stay fresh. Thank you for having me--these were great questions.

 Thanks so much Gwen, now for my review:)

 One of my greatest joys while reading Falling Under is how little I knew about the story before hand. It allowed me to fully surrender to the narrative and Gwen's beautiful, lyrical writing. This book has a taut controlled feeling to it with an underlying sense of wildness waiting to be released. Which is a wonderful complement to Theia's character a young girl whose every activity is tightly monitored and controlled.

From the opening pages Theia's narrative voice is fascinating. She sees a man fall from the sky and into her yard. She doesn't scream, or even seem overly startled. Even when she goes to the man watches him burn to dust she sits frozen, trying to give comfort  wondering if she is dreaming.

Still reeling from the encounter Theia has another significant encounter she meets Haden Black in the halls of her High School. Theia  feels a shock of recognition and a deep , powerful attraction to him. Soon  her perfectly ordered world begins to fall away. Haden teases and torments her in school with his presence and his flashing eyes. At night though. In her dreams Theia interacts with a very different Haden.

 Haden is confused at first that Theia is privy to his private world the two begin their walk between dreams and reality. Haden tries his best to push Theia away but at night he is vulnerable to her charms. Haden is hiding a dark secret that will lead them both on a journey that will risk their love and their lives.

I really enjoyed Gwen's Novel. There is a vulnerability and strength to Theia that she hides behind her surface role as dutiful and obeying daughter. I also enjoyed the journey of Haden. He is Theia's polar opposite! Exuding casual charm and influence that guarantees him a bevy of friend and female admires. He enjoys flaunting this to Theia during the day while at night his resistance to Theia weakens. Gwen really captures the feelings of first love and intense passion. The tension of their attraction weaves it's way through the story, I've never wanted to characters to just go ahead and kiss!

This book also has a wonderful supporting cast in Theia's two best friends Donatella and Amelia. When circumstances take Theia out of the narrative I was surprised to see how strongly the secondary characters evolved.

A lot of different plot twists really move this story into high gear midway through to the end. there is a tremendous change in both Haden and Theia. there is a definite ending  with a very organic opening for a sequel which i look forward too.

Thanks to Gwen for the interview and Good Reads for the opportunity to review this book :)



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