Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


You would think a year in France would be a dream come true for a young girl, but for Anna the move uproots her from her Senior year in Atlanta. It doesn't help that the move is a calculated attempt by her father to show off his new found money and prestige. For Anna there is homesickness, culture shock and loneliness almost instantly. Her next door neighbor Meredith reaches out to her and soon Anna finds her self part of a group that includes couple Josh and Rashmi and E'tienne St. Clair a boy who she feels an immediate connection with. The attraction seems mutual but there is one small problem. St. Clair has a girlfriend. Anna is in for a year of self discovery , heartache and personal growth. Through it all there is also St Clair and a Love that Anna never expected.

I had heard so many bloggers buzzing about this book so I knew I had to give it a try! This is such an enjoyable read:


Stephanie does a wonderful job of describing Anna's experiences in Paris through Anna's eyes. Perkins really has a great narrative grasp of the emotions and motivations of young adults. I felt every part of Anna's experience, from her dreams to be a movie critic to her confusion surrounding her feelings towards St. Clair.
Aah, the romance in this book! Perkins description of St. Clair is decidedly swoon worth. The connection between them is electric. I felt so much for Anna trying to control her emotions around a boy that isn't available. I was especially happy to see how strong Anna was as the story progressed. She does her best to keep things as a friendship between St Clair and herself but as time goes on it is apparent she is falling for him. I spent a great deal of this novel upset with ST.Clair ! Despite his girlfriend he spends an inordinate amount of time with Anna, she tries to keep him at a distance but he keeps up with the actions that bring them both to the brink of cheating. As the book unfolds and we learn more about St. Clair's background I began to understand his actions . Things aren't always simple in relationships or Black and White. St Clair's outgoing nature  hides a deep loneliness.  His father's control of St Clair's life and access to his Mother, often cripples him. Anna is actually the stronger of the two and it is her support that really gives St Clair the strength to make changes.
A wonderful read with a lot of twists and turns to keep you guessing. I loved everything about the characters and the location and Anna's journey to love. A great read, I'm really looking forward to seeing future Novels by Stephanie Perkins.



Michelle said...

I have this on my MUST read shelf now. :)

Vasilly said...

One more great review to push me into buying this book! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I loved this book! The romance was also my favorite part, it was so good and Anna and √Čtienne were just too cute together. :D