Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: Bloody Valentine Melissa De La Cruz

Welcome to Day 2 of a Fortnight of Romance. It's been a month but I'm still gushing over my wonderful experiences at ALA Midwinter. Another highlight of the event was meeting the lovely Melissa De La Cruz and getting 2 signed books from her! one of them is the one pictured below Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine is an anthology of three stories featuring characters from the Blue Bloods series. It helps if you have read at least one of the books (like me) but if not they are somewhat complete unto themselves.
Just Another Night in Suck City
This is my favorite of the three stories.It takes place in November in New York City. The focus is on Oliver who is engulfed in grief following his break up with Vampire Schuyler. Oliver a human aka Red Blood is aching physically and emotionally from the break up. He drowns his woes in alcohol at a local bar. He is intrigued by the waitress Freya who lends him a sympathetic ear and the tender balm of truly caring about what he will do next.
This was a touching story. We really explore the loss of love Oliver is feeling and his pain. His encounter with Freya heals his past and gives him hope for the future. This story also has a magical recipe at the end :) Freya is actually one of the character in Melissa's new Adult series Witches of East End which I'm excited to read.
Always Something There To Remind Me
This was an interesting story but lacked an emotional impact with me due to my unfamiliarity with further books in the series. Still it was well written and ties in with the Blue blood's universe. This story takes place in Endicott Massachusetts in 1985. This story focuses on the Van Alen Twins. In the world of Blue Bloods the families are constantly reincarnated through a complicated medical process. When they come of age there memories of past lives resurface. For Allegra and her brother Charles, there is a connection that is more akin to lovers than siblings. Allegra is chafing at all areas of restriction in her life. Her past memories where she committed a horrible act against Charles that she will not forgive herself for, Her mothers control and Benedix a human boy who Allegra wants to make her familiar. then Allegra experience a strong vision of the future that rocks hr to the core and makes her question every future move.
I liked this story especially Allegra's character but it ended strangely for me. Again I'm sure some of these threads are tied up in the continuing story.
Ring Of Fire
this was a very enjoyable story with a lot more action and danger. We meet Schuyler Van Alen on the eve of her bonding ceremony to her love Jack. it has been a long journey for the two and Jack has secretly brought Oliver and some other of there friends to the ceremony. Things quickly change as Schuyler is attacked and threatened with Oliver's well being. She is to either secretly trick Jack and halve his powers or lose her best friend. The Venator's have underestimated Jack and Schuyler's love and there strength,
This was a very sweet story I especially loved the two illustrations of Schuyler. there is no easy road ahead for these two but this ceremony heals and empowers all. I especially enjoyed seeing Oliver again , healed from his pain and strong enough to stand at Schuyler's side.



Anonymous said...

I love the Blue Bloods series and another book about is a bless. Amazing review...

P.S. I awarded you ; The Stylish Blog award because I adore the layout of your blog;

Magemanda said...

Wow, I can't believe how many challenges you have taken on - a true glutton for punishment ;-) Thanks for fitting mine in! I have to confess that I found the first novel in the series Blue Bloods a little bit disappointing, especially considering the pedigree of Melissa's writing and the nature of the story. I think that Bloody Valentine might be an idea way to dip my toe into the series again! Thanks for the review :-)