Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review : Bone Vol 4


    In this 4th volume of the series the focus is on Phoney Bone a true scam master at heart Phoney has riled up the entire village to fear Dragons. Despite the fact that the only dragon in the area has been nothing but helpful. Phoney starts to build up his experience with Dragons so much so that the village begins to call him The Dragon slayer and begin giving him tribute in the form of food and goods. Phoney concocts a fiendish plan to lure the dragon with caravans of treasure . He outlines a trap to the villagers, one he expects to fail and create a distraction while he goes back to Boneville with all the villages wealth.

Phoney never expects to actually catch a Dragon nor does he expect the bloodthirsty crowed he has riled up to want "justice".

Phone bone has dangers of his own as her discovers a stray rat cub, fends off an attack from KingDok and tries to get Thorn to safety.
The mysterious hooded man also begins to reveal his plans which center around Thorn. Lots of action this issue as the rat's prepare to attack the village.

I really enjoyed this issue . Jeff Smith really branches out this volume and explores some darker themes as well as merging all the subplots and revealing characters motives. The art continues to excel each issue and there are a few funny moments despite the dangers that surround our Bone crew. Another great issue in the series.



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