Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Dover Fairy Books

Fairy Tales were mine and I'm sure many other young girls entrance into the world of magic, fantasy and romance of course. My favorite collection of Fairy tales is the Dover collections like the one above. Each book has a different color in the title: Brown, Yellow, Violet, Pink,  Green etc. These stories are complete and unabridged with the original illustrations. I really enjoy these books! There are twelve in all and I own the Blue and Violet so far. Here are some of my favorite stories:
This story is about a young gardeners son who is in love with the Kings daughter. He is on a mission t win her hand when he comes across a mysterious old Crone who helps him get a magical Bronze ring . I hadn't read this story before and liked the magical ring elements.
The original version of this story has quite a creepy ending. the princes mother is actually an Ogress and tries to eat Beauty and her children while the King is away.
The childhood favorite Tale told in its original form. Cinderella actually forgives her step sisters in this version and sets them up with two lords!
One of my favorites. This version is very similar to the modern version except in this version Beauty has brothers and sisters.
These are just a few of the wonderful stories in this volume . A great series of books for Fairy tale lovers but some may be a little to extreme for the young ones. the illustrations are stunning and detailed although in Black and White.


Kate said...

I loved these books! I read them in the 7th grade and it gave me a deep love of fairy tales. I really need to find these books and purchase them in the off chance the Hubs and I have kids, or kidnap a few to plump up and eat later on.

Tif said...

You had me at fairy tales! Never seen these before, but I definitely want to!!