Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey


Oh! I'm such a fan of this series! Heart at Stake is the first book in the Drake Chronicles. This book has two character POV  narrations and two very sweet romances. Solange Drake is on the cusp of her sixteenth birthday. It's going to be a real killer ;) Though she was born a Vampire (an extremely rare event) Solange will become weaker and weaker as her birthday draws near. Then her human side will die and she will be reborn a vampire. If the tension of her impending change wasn't stressful enough the entire Drake  clan is on edge due to a prophecy that predicts Solange will be a vampire Queen ,which doesn't sit well with the current clan leader Lady Natasha. So in addition to pending transformation fears, lovesick male vamps drawn to her by her pheromones, Solange and her family  have to deal with an attack from  very determined (and cute) vampire hunter called Kieran, from the group Helios-Ra.
This is my first Alyxandra Harvey book but definitely not my last! Harvey deftly guides you through the world of the Drakes while moving the plot and action forward at a quick pace. There are an abundance of characters in this volume as well as the two leads and their romantic interests but Harvey still manages to make every character unique and memorable. Lucy was the star of this book though for me. Harvey breathes such life to her in her descriptions and dialogue. Despite being human she has been  a  part of the Drake family since she was born, and she and Solange are sisters at heart. As she works to protect Solange she is surprised to find her lifelong feelings of irritation and snarkiness  towards Nicholas Drake begin to change.
I really enjoyed watching the pieces of this novel come together as  Solange moves closer to her change and danger. The book has a very satisfying action packed conclusion that leaves space for the stories to come.
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