Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review: The Lil Depressed Boy by S.Steven Struble & Sina Grace



PRICE: $2.99


I know what your thinking . What is a book about a Little depressed boy doing in my spotlight on Romance feature? Well because in the midst of this first issue a sweet romance begins to blossom. LDB is a very interesting character. He looks like a life size rag doll: bald head crudely drawn eyes and a mouth (no nose!). Despite the limited facial range artist Sina Grace imbues him with a strong personality and inner light. Though that light is often dimmed by his self imposed isolation and well depression.
LDB is very self aware of his tendency towards isolation so he makes an effort to change his feelings and  leaves his house to hang out at at his local coffee shop. While engaging in a lively debate with his friend Drew about gaming and Rock band a beautiful stranger sits next to him. This mysterious beauty comments on LDB conversation with Drew. So surprised at her contribution and her presence he just sits there, frozen to stillness as she leaves his life as quickly as she entered it.

Later LDB  runs into her at a local Laundromat.We don't learn this beautiful ladies name this issue but her effect on LDB is enormous. You see him sweetly stumble as she shows interest in him and even invites him out on a date to hear a band. 
It's around music that LDB throws off his fear and heavier emotions .  You see the first expression of true joy on his face through out the concert. The band profiled in this issue actually exists: Kepi Ghoulie , whom you can find at http;// 

I loved the emotional connection between these two characters. Their references to comics, music and pop culture were really enjoyable. I really connected to LDB there is such a sweetness to him and a sadness. S. Steven Struble has written a very engaging script. This issue is filled with enjoyable group scenes and also panels of silence that reflect the inner landscape of LDB's feelings.
A wonderful collaborative effort between Struble and Grace. I'm really looking forward to the second issue of this series.
to learn more about the creators and see some wonderful one panel stories with the characters visit Little Depressed boy HERE


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