Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review: The New York Five by Brian Wood &Ryan Kelly


publisher: VERTIGO
price: 2.99
format: Comic Book
The New York Five is the sequel to this Graphic Novel:


   The New York Four was under the imprint of the very short lived Minx comics, an imprint of DC comics. Minx had good intents : to produce a line of female friendly graphic novels. The New York Four received critical acclaim and despite Minx folding Brian Wood and  Ryan Kelly were given the chance to continue the story of four college freshman living in New York.

Issue one of this series takes place at the start of the girls second semester of college. New readers shouldn't feel intimidated by what's gone before in this series. Through a series of individual spotlight panels we are brought up to date on the lives of Riley, Lona, Ren, and Merissa. we also get a brief encounter with Olive the 5th member of the group.

There is also another character in this book, it's prevalent in every panel. It houses , educates and entertains the girls: New York. Ryan excels at capturing the look and feel of New York. He also illustrates the Five in very distinct ways. From their style sense to their body shapes and postures the characters really come to life in his pages.

Revelations abound in this issue: Riley's status with her estranged sister, Lona's obsession with a professor that has given her an unexpected grade, Merissa's challenges with her brother.

Wood deftly manages the multiple story lines, creating situations that create an emotional resonance with each character. This book is perfect for current graphic novel readers who might want to try out single issue comics. It would also be enjoyed by older teens  and any one that has ever been comic book curious!

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