Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review: Then He Kissed Me by Christie Ridgway



Contemporary romances don't usually top my to buy lists. I'll admit to being a huge fan of the "bodice rippers" romance genre. that's why I'm so pleased that I got a chance to meet Christie and get this fabulous book! 
This is the second book in a 3 book series focusing on the Baci sisters.  Three sisters struggling to keep there family's winery afloat.
Here is what I LOVED about this story:
I was really drawn to Stephania. I enjoyed her independence, sense of humor and strength. mot many women can look her newly engaged Ex in the eye much less chauffeur him and his new fiance around on New Years Eve. Stephania aka Stevie finds her self immediately attracted to the brother of the bride Jacques Parini. Jack has decided to attach himself to Stevie , concerned that she may sabotage his sisters day. things become more complicated between the two when Stevie is forced to take over the wedding planning duties from her sister. So now Stevie is drawn more into the Parini world and Jack's Arm's.
There is also a secondary romance with Emerson and his fiance Roxanne who is Jack's sister. At first I really didn't care for Emerson. he had quickly dumped Stevie after meeting Roxanne and then has the nerve to book a wedding at her winery! Roxanne is also a great character. A true princess by birth and the fragile treatment she receives from her family and in some respects Emerson. As her story unfolds I'll admit she found a place in my heart :) The Tanti Baci winery is also a character in this novel. A structure that has withstood generations of the Baci's is now in danger of being lost due to finical problems. I loved reading the descriptions of the location and the wines. Ridgway has a great descriptive sense and you really get the feeling of being at a winery.
Jack and Stevie have an immediate attraction that Ridgway does a great job exploring.. the couple have an intense physical passion that steadily turns towards deeper emotions. Christie balances sweet tender yearning with white hot and extremely blush worthy passion. There is enough dramatic tension to keep you guessing and a very satisfying ending. I especially enjoyed how easy it was to step into the Baci world even though I hadnt' read the first book in the series. I'm really looking forward to the final book in this series Drunk on Love.


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