Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reviews: Mad Love & Pride and Pleasure


I have two books to review today. One that was an enjoyable read, and one not so enjoyable:


Made Love was another Arc I picked up at ALA Midwinter. I was drawn to the cover and the story line: Alice Amorous is the daughter of best selling romance writer Belinda Amorous. For several months Alice has been living a life of secrets and lies. Her mother who suffers from a unique type of bipolar disorder , has been secretly living in a expensive mental health clinic.
I immediately connected with Alice. She is a remarkable girl who doesn't realise how special she is. One of Alice's mothers smartest decisions was to purchase an apartment building when things were at the peak of her career. So now Alice surrounded by loving and helpful neighbors who keep her secret. On a daily bases Alice struggles to balance adult responsibilities with her teenage experience. While filling in for her mother at a local romance event Alice meets a very intense young man in a hoodie claiming to to be Cupid. Errol is insistent that Alice write his love story. The true story of Cupid and Psyche. Alice finds herself in the midst of one of the most incredible weeks of her life: Writing with Errol, making tentative steps towards her crush Tony and hearing news that her mother is responding to her treatment.
Suzanne has a wonderful narrative flow and all the characters in this book are engaging and fully realised. I especially enjoy her drawing attention to Bipolar disorder and the pressure that Alice is under to protect her mother . Portions of this book really touched my heart and brought me to tears.  I love many things about the YA genre, especially stories that raise awareness to difficult emotions and life situations. A wonderful bittersweet tale. I look forward to reading more  of Suzanne's work


I really was looking forward to this book ! I loved the cover and have heard wonderful things about Sylvia Day. Eliza Martin hire Thief -taker James Bond as protection.  She has been the victim of a mysterious series of accidents that she believes are trying to provoke her into marriage. She hires Jasper to be her protection and to pose as a possible beau to uncover the culprit. Eliza and Jasper are interesting characters and the attraction between them seems feasible but nearly a quarter of a way into the book I lost interest. the plot became a little convoluted and all the action was over a little to quickly. I will definitely give Sylvia another try but this book wasn't for me.



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