Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review:Z is for Zombie

A post apocalyptic,  alphabetic primer on all things zombie this book combines gruesome illustrations and a diary like format of what to expect in the brave new zombie world. With entries like C is for Cannibalistic Adam -Troy Castro covers a lot of the tried and true zombie topics like weapons, running, and my favorite Harold. Every zombie movie or book has a Harold. He's the nice helpful guy who always has a good mood and a helping hand. the first to give up a days rations or take the first guard duty. He also is the one who will lag a little behind, get bit and have to get shoved out of a moving vehicle by his former best friends. Yeah that guy.

I really enjoyed Castro's snarky look at all things Zombie but its all things zombie fans are already familiar with.  I would have liked the entries to be a little more creative or unique. The illustrations by Johnny Atomic  are suitable gruesome and add a nice touch to the narrative. Overall a fun read .

Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book

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