Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review: DemonGlass by Rachel Hawkins

OK, honesty time. I had no intention of buying Demon Glass. I enjoyed Hex Hall but I had some issues with it. Mostly it centered around the set up and ending of the first book. I don't mind trilogies. They seem to be a huge part of the YA theme lately but I'm OK with that. The problem I've been having is the way these books are sometimes edited, it can be frustrating when a book ends and the storyline isn't completely fleshed out or the ending is rushed.

Now back to Demon Glass! When I had the opportunity to get an Arc of the book I took it. I'm so glad I did! The promise that I detected in Hex Hall is fully realised in its sequel. Sophie Mercer has survived the events of the previous novel and has decided she wants to have her demon powers removed.

When Sophie's father James shows up at the school he offers her an opportunity. Come with him to England to spend some time with him before the removal, learn more about her family and get some quality Dad time. Greaaaat! Sophie agrees but only if she can bring her vampire roommate Jenna. Once she reaches England she discovers dark secrets about the council and the two other Demon's in resident at the council strong hold.

The action really ramps up as strange reports of attacks against the council increase and demon hunter Archer Cross re inters her life. I really enjoyed this book! I loved learning more about Cal and watching the developing relationship between him and Sophie. I also liked Archer more in this volume. I really couldn't see the attraction between the two of them in the first book but seeing them in action together in this volume its apparent he is a valid suitor for Sophie, despite the fact he kills Demons for a living =)

This book has quite a cliffhanger but the main story elements of this volume are sufficiently tied up so the ending leaves you expectant for the next volume rather than frustrated. I'm so glad I got this Arc, it's a great lesson to me to give debut series a second chance.

Thanks to Hyperion for the opportunity to review this book.

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