Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Exposed by Kimberly Marcus


The first Novel I ever read in verse was John Brown's Body for my High School History Class, it was like nothing I ever experienced before and  was probably one of a handful of students who enjoyed it. My second verse novel was Crank by Ellen Hopkins: Visceral, Heartbreaking, tragic and memorable.

Now with exposed my third free verse novel I realise the power of this form of writing in the right writers hands.

I didn't know much about this book. It was another ALA Arc (again so grateful for that event!) that I took a chance on. I'm so glad I did,

Elizabeth Grayson is a very talented high School photographer. She also has a pretty ordered life: Classes, Work, Friday night pizza nights with friends and her Saturday Night Slumber with her BFF Kate. Character development as a whole can be very tricky in a novel, more so in prose but I really felt a clear sense of who Kate and Liz were. Close friendships are a delicate balance. especially when on the cusp of adulthood. One careless comment by Liz reads to an argument between the two of them and Liz storms up to her room leaving Kate downstairs alone to sleep on the couch.

In the morning Kate is gone and Liz leaves a few messages. No response. Then Kate's mother says she's sick. On Monday Liz thinks things will have cooled off and brings Kate a gift. Kate accepts , then walks off.

From there the story begins to take shape and the events of that night become revealed. Kate begins to avoid Liz. Tells her she needs space. Then a call comes and a rumors begin to swirl around the school, rumours about Kate and Liz's brother Mike. Liz is incensed . She confronts Kate lashes out at her. Kate just freezes and walks away. In a second confrontation Liz shouts at Kate tells her to "move on" That's when Kate tells her . The three words that explain everything"Mike raped me"

Now Liz is caught between two people she loves the most: One who won't see her anymore and another who proclaims his innocence that Liz just doesn't feel is true.

Once Kate's secret was revealed and the Grayson's face a trial nothing will ever be the same again no matter what the outcome. I was riveted to Kate and Liz's story, it was so sad . The facts of the incident make it really hard to separate what truly happened. Like Liz I felt myself pulled between Mike and Kate, though I'll admit I was disturbed by Mikes flippant attitude and behavior. No matter what the outcome Liz loses. How can her once best friend even look at her? Two Bff's who thought they would move through life together are now torn apart . There are no easy answers and the possibility of no Justice.

A wonderful read. I couldn't put it down and was amazed at how much emotion Marcus could evoke with stark sentences and short chapters. The raw prose style is memorable and exceptional.

I have 1slightly loved ARC to Giveaway Enter Below:


Naj said...

Woah, this review itself was capturing. The story indeed is very emotional. It made me think as well. But I don't think I'd read this book. I don't like books with stuff that'll make me cry and stuff. T-T Great review though! <3

Sniffly Kitty said...

It's always interesting to read books which are not written in traditional formats. Looks like this one could be good ^.^

Anonymous said...

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